Terms and Conditions

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Myrtle Beach Vacation Stations, LLC agrees to rent the vacation rental property at the rental rate stated in your Reservation Confirmation and Invoice to the signing party.
The vacation rental agreement is put into effect as of the date of your Reservation Confirmation and is between Myrtle Beach Vacation Stations and the name on the reservation including their invitees, guests, and other visitors. Property Manager/Owner and Guest(s) hereby agree to the following terms, conditions and policies. Once a reservation is complete, an electronic form of this rental agreement will be sent to the email address provided, and will be required to be submitted back to us, along with a copy of the renters drivers license.

Cancellation Policy:
Myrtle Beach Vacation Stations has a very strict No Refund policy.
Once we block dates for your rental, we cannot refund any portion of your payment.

1.1 Defined Terms:
  1. “Accidental Damage” means unintentional damage as determined by the absolute discretion of the Property Manager/Owner. *All pet damage and negligence is not considered accidental.
  2. “Damage Protection” means the non-refundable Accidental damage charge of $49.00 included in every reservation that covers the Guest for up to $1500.00 in damages determined to be Accidental Damages at the Property Managers/ Owners discretion. “Initial Reservation Down Payment” means the non-refundable initial payment of 25% of total charges to secure reservation.
  3. “Guest and/or Guests” means anyone who is in the rental property at any time.
  4. “Primary Renter” means the renter that has filled out the primary renter section of the vacation rental agreement and is responsible for all communication with property manager/owner on behalf of the Group.
1.3 Payment Terms & Cancelation Policy
  1. The Guest shall pay the Property Manager/Owner in full the total amount for the entire rental term plus the Damage Protection pursuant to the following terms:
  2. If the booking date is less than 60 days from arrival date Guest shall pay the Property Manager/Owner a non-refundable payment of 100% of the total amount due at the time of booking.
  3. If the booking date is greater than 60 days from arrival date a 25% non-refundable payment must be made to reserve. Any payment received will be subtracted from the ending balance. Guest shall remit full payment of the remaining non-refundable balance at least 60 days prior to scheduled arrival. If Guest does not pay entire balance 60 days prior to arrival, Property Manager/Owner may at their sole discretion cancel the reservation and retain any amount paid.
2. Casualty Policy
If rental property is uninhabitable or destroyed during occupancy as declared by owner’s insurance due to Acts of God or due to acts of governmental agency a refund will be issued for the days the property could not be used. If there is a state mandated evacuation due to a storm, you will be refunded for the days the villa could not be used. We will not however, pay for any alternative housing due to the storm or Acts of God or governmental agency. If the rental property is uninhabitable prior to occupancy and cannot be repaired in time for vacation occupancy as declared by owner’s insurance due to Acts of God prior to occupancy by “Act of God”; eg. flood, earthquake, fire and acts of governmental agencies this agreement shall be null and void. All payments rendered shall be refunded to renter within 10 business days.
3. Rules, Terms and Conditions: Violations to set Vacation Rental Agreement, will result in loss of use of set rental unit and is cause to be ejected by the Property Manager/Owner without refund of rental fee and deposit.
4. Myrtle Beach Vacation Stations Hours are 9 am – 7pm. Company cannot be held responsible for customer requests outside of Business Hours. Customer agrees that all requests outside of business hours will be scheduled when the business office opens the next business day which includes all requests upon entry of rental unit.
5. Check-out is at 10 am. If you would like a late check-out please contact us in advance and we may be able to authorize a late check-out for an additional fee. Unauthorized late check-outs will be automatically charged 25% of the daily rental rate per hour stay past 10 am.
6. Check-in is any time after 4 pm. We are unable to make exceptions. Our cleaning staff requires the time to properly prepare our property for the next Guests. We also understand that guests may choose to arrive late in the evenings however should guest(s) arrive after 7 pm and are unable to access the unit for any reason; Property manager/Owner shall not be held accountable and no refund shall be given for any time in which the unit could not be accessed.
8. You agree to act in such a manner as to allow those nearby, peaceful, enjoyment of their properties. Violation of this paragraph will result in your loss of use of the rental unit and ejectment without refund of rental fee and deposit.
9. No Fireworks, No Illegal activity, No Illegal substances on the rental unit premises: any violation will result in immediate eviction and you will forfeit your deposit and rental fee as well as pay any fines incurred as a result of you the Guest’s illegal actions.
10. No smoking anywhere but outside of the rental unit or on the porch. If the tenant(s) smokes inside the Rental Unit the tenant forfeits any deposit and rental fee collected in its entirety and must immediately vacate the rental unit.
11. No damage is done to the rental unit or its contents. If comforters, blankets, linens, and towels are provided for the rental unit they are not to be taken to the beach and must be returned in good condition.
12. The rental unit must be locked at all times, Guest are responsible for their own security while in the property by locking doors, windows, garage doors, or securing other areas of access when it is prudent to do so.
13. Property Manager/ Owner is not responsible for any malfunctions, outages, or other defects that are directly associated with cable, internet, appliances, or other conveniences supplied. In the event that the property has a power outage or possible water interruptions the Property Manager cannot be held accountable and no refunds or compensations will be given for any outages that are out of the Property Managers/Owner control.
14. Rental Agent/ Owner Liability: You agree not to hold the Rental Agent/ Owner liable for any damage, loss or injury to persons or property occurring on or about the rental unit or common grounds.
15. Primary Renter understands that we accept families, married couples, and responsible adult groups 25 years of age or older. Each rental is limited to the maximum number of guests agreed to upon between primary renter and Myrtle Beach Vacation Stations. You agree you will not exceed the agreed to occupancy. Renters have been quoted based on the number of guests communicated to the property manager/owner and renters agree that guests are only those listed on the agreement. The property is for the Guest use only no changes will be made once agreement is signed unless authorized in writing by the Property Manager/Owner. Property Manager/Owner has the right to charge additional fees for guests not in the original quotation or agreed to in writing. You affirm that you will be occupying the accommodations during the entire length of stay and that you are the responsible person for all damages and actions of all members of your party.
16. Fraudulent Reservations: Any reservation obtained under false pretense will be subject to forfeiture of advance payment, deposit and/ or rental money, and the party will not be permitted to check-in.
17. Right to Inspect: You agree that an authorized representative of the Rental Agent/Owner may enter the rental unit during your occupancy to inspect the premise without prior notice at any time in order to enforce the terms of this agreement, in the case of an emergency or scheduled maintenance, including pest control. Property Manager/Owner have the right to enter whether Guest is present or not. Rental Units are sprayed for pests on a regular basis. If you experience a pest problem, please contact the Rental Agent/ Owner. No refunds will be made for pest control problems.
18. Attorney’s Fees and Costs/Property Management Fees and Costs: In the event that there is a violation of the terms of this Vacation Rental Agreement or that there is any failure to pay for damages caused during the occupancy of the Rental Unit and if the Rental Agent/ Owner incurs any attorney’s fees and/or costs or additional property management/administrative costs, then you agree that you will be responsible for the payment of such attorney’s fees and/or costs and/or property management/administrative fees and/or costs.
19. Disputes : You agree that any dispute is subject to all State or Local Laws and Ordinances and must be commenced in the Horry County South Carolina Court System. In the event that the police/ firefighters or any law enforcement agency is called, Tenant shall pay any fine issued against themselves or the Property Manager/ Owner.
20. Damages/ Repairs:
  1. Property Manager/ Owner reserves the right to charge the credit card on file for any damages caused by you or by any guests who occupy the rental property and will be paid by you.
  2. The amount of any such damages, replacement or repair of broken or missing items, and any excessive cleaning requirements which the Rental Agent/ Owner deem necessary must be paid by you.
  3. The items caused by you will be paid by the use of a Security Deposit and/or the Rental Agent/Owner is authorized to charge this to the credit card on file.
  4. Renter(s) agree to report any damage at the time of arrival within 24 hours and any damage to any item during their stay immediately to the Rental Agent/ Owner.
  5. If something in the rental property is not in working order, you must immediately notify the Rental Agent/ Owner so we can attempt to replace or repair the item.
21. Substitution: In the event a reserved accommodation becomes unavailable for rental use, we reserve the right to substitute a comparable accommodation or grant a refund of your payments, at our option, without further liability.
22. Rental Property Communications:
All communications regarding this rental unit can be saved and/or Voice Recorded for use by the Rental Agent/ Owner.
  1. Primary Renter is responsible for all communication with the Property Manager/Owner.
  2. Guests whom are on the contract are asked to filter all communication through the Primary Renter.
23. You authorize us to use any payments received and/or any credit card account provided by you, or members of your party, to cover the full cost of any unpaid balance; telephone charges; damages; replacement or repair of damaged or missing items; or excessive cleaning requirements that we may deem necessary in accordance with the South Carolina Lodging Establishment Act, et al.